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So you will need to update your field engineers to make sure that they know how to do this and perform License Transfer Between Two Working Devices or get on the phone to the TAC or use the web to transfer a license.

I can’t see any point in blogging about this in detail, Cisco IOS 15.0 documentation is clear and concise as always. You can find out more in the†Software Activation Configuration Guide.

For example, if a user invites a single individual several times to the same (long-running) conference.

Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Overview Debug Command Output on Cisco IOS Voice Gateways Filtering Troubleshooting Output Cisco Vo IP Internal Error Codes Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Telephony Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Protocols Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Telephony Applications Monitoring the Cisco IOS Voice Network Cause Codes and Debug Values If the Cisco SIP gateway does not like part of a SIP message (header or SDP), the call attempt fails with a "400 Bad Request" response.

To determine whether the call failed because of a SIP header error, issue the debug ccsip command that displays information on the error message, or verify that the required SIP header elements exist as defined in RFC 2543.

So you get one software image that has all the features for that platform.

You should note that IOS 15 enforces licensing for the Advanced feature sets.

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